Why do we have Otherkin in the Vampire Community?

Why do we have Otherkin in the Vampire Community?

by Amy Mah Vampire

Why do we have Otherkin in the Vampire Community?

The Vampire Community is far larger than some of the small subgroups and vampire cults think it is.

Without the Vampire Myth and Media coverage the vampire community could not even exist, and the funny thing is that many of them do not even understand that simple fact.

To the many questions I get:

“Will you turn me into a vampire” I normally tell people the best I can offer is to turn you into Lunch, people need to read up more on the vampire myth, a hint is sharp teeth, blood and normally a large pile of empties.

I also get asked if I am a real Vampire, and to this I will say YES!

Are you A REAL VAMPIRE ? ….Yes! ..er now explain to me what reality is.

The modern meaning of the word vampire has so expanded beyond the dictionary definition that I am certain I can fit into its meaning, today within the Vampire Community you will find:

Blood drinkers and their donors, these fit the vampire word meaning the best.

Psi Vamps (with other names) that are people that can take mental energy from other people willingly or unwillingly and feed off it.

Werewolves (No don’t ask me why, but I expect it is due to Holywood)

OtherKin ? Yes we will cover this a little later …..

It would not surprise me if tax inspectors did not also fit somewhere within the word VAMPIRE new meaning.

Let us move on.

REAL and FAKE are both 4 letter words and are so often treated as such as if they were cuss words, perhaps they should be as they mostly used incorrectly.

For an example:

It is interesting to look at how “REAL” is used and for an example in say the social media Face Book, there you will come across group headings like “The Real Vampire Community” why use the word “REAL”? Is it trying to say it is different from something which is not real? Or perhaps you can get groups called The UN-Real Vampire Community or the Fake Vampire Community.

I do tend to worry when one has to inform any membership what is real and what is not, and then always refuse to explain the meaning of reality, especially when Vampire is so strongly linked to a Myth.

It is also interesting along with kind of worrying that reality is never agreed upon even by some of the sub groups in the Vampire Community that are trying to take over the said community and at times act like cults by attacking anyone that questions their take on reality, with not only foul language but personal threats, (which I may post sometime so people can see just how unstable some folk get) Some vampire community members confirm that I am a Vampire (yes I do have it in writing) but not the type they like and should nut be allowed to put forward my ideas.

Not sure if this is racist or specie-ist

Well apart from my own race and specie (what ever that is) I do enjoy discovering as much as I can on how the Vampire myth is being changed over the last few years, and I do find excellent research material.


For example the Sub group Otherkin which are connected to the Vampire Community, It was recently explained to me by one blood interested Otherkin.

“ I seem to experience something akin to "the thirst," "the need," etc as to what some websites call it; however, nothing stops mine nor does it get worse if I do nothing. It just stays kind of in the background and always has” Now Multiplicity is a medical term for it, the following explanation is what I obtained off the internet but it looks to be the general meaning:

“Healthy multiplicity is the idea of many minds, persons, souls or individuals coexisting within the same physical body.

Emphasis is placed on a functional co-relationship with shared responsibility and accountability. The idea is presented as an alternative to other more conventional views about multiplicity in which it is viewed as a disorder, often brought about by psychological trauma. It does not, however, seek to deny that trauma-based multiplicity exists. In fact, the philosophy doesn't exclude the possibility that a multiple system that was born of trauma may learn to cooperate and function in a healthy fashion. Mental health professionals' opinions vary on whether or not such a healthy co-operative "group of minds" is possible.

A relative few believe that it is possible and will help their clients in a kind of "family" therapy. Some doubt that multiple personality exists in any form whatsoever, while others believe that any client who experiences two or more minds has dissociative identity disorder and needs treatment to eliminate all but one personality. According to anecdotal evidence from websites and Internet forums, clients who self-report as being multiple, even if fully cooperative, are sometimes diagnosed with a thought disorder and placed on anti-psychotic medication or hospitalized.” From Wiki Furo we get this and perhaps the reason for Werewolves

Otherkin feel they have a sympathetic connection, affinity, or some other form of relation with another animal or being.

Traditionally these have been mythological in nature, beginning with fairy and fay folk, elves, and a few other European mythological archetypes. Later, associations with other creatures became common, including unicorns, gryphons, dragons, angelics, and demons; as well as "non-living" types such as golems and other inorganics. In time, some people also began to describe concepts for beings which were derived from mythological archetypes, though having unique qualities; fully undefinable or one-of-a-kind kin types appeared as well.

With the unusual nature of the basic otherkin premises, there has been skepticism directed at it along with the proposal that many people adopt the otherkin identity to justify social difficulties - the outcast syndrome - or because they have a delusion and are in denial about their biological humanity. The idea that otherkin believe they are physically non-human in a spectacular way - such as actually being biological dragons - is seen as a pervasive misunderstanding by otherkin themselves, who point out the spiritual and psychological focus of the concept. Some community members believe this confusion arises from those unfamiliar with the concept or having only a sketchy or distorted awareness; comparing it to psychiatric cases such as lycanthropy and dissociative identity disorder, and concluding that in order for someone to state that they identify as an elf or gryphon, they must be experiencing a form of hallucination or delusion.

This will not of course mean all the otherkin suffer from a mental disorder, and before the fur and feather start to fly and I am licked, bitten or pecked this is just put forward as a good starting point to try and understand the condition, which looks to become more common.




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