e Going On a date

Going On a Date

by Amy Mah Vampire

Going On a date

Going out on a date.

Yes we all go thought the same difficulties of what to wear, the wardrobe will not shut but I still do not have anything suitable, so after hours of searching in the end I decide to wear black

as it will match my comfy shoes, ok so I have more shoes than a dictators wife but only one comfy pair and they are black, why comfy shoes? Well I have no idea where we are going so what the heck should I wear!

Now comes the date bag, why can’t a girl just go out, and when I say a girl I mean me, why do I have to look like I’m going for a 10 day vacation and not just a night out.

So lets open the date bag and check if everything is there.

1. Cell phone fully charged.

2. Spare cash and credit card.

3. Packet of mints for after eating smelly food….er…………foreigners

4. Chap stick ….well you may kiss him and …….. it goes with the mints ok?

5. Make up mirror, why take a mirror you ask, ..er …well if I get ship wreaked I can use it to signal for help, look it is just needed ok!

6. Packet of tissues just in case you can not find a washroom when out.

7. Keys large bunch and no I do not know why luggage keys are on the same ring with my house keys.

8. Sun glasses, hat and 100% sun block just in case you stay out early.

9. A spare pair of panties in case I sleep over ……… er not that I am planning to sleep over … er forget it ok! Look I said stop giggling and forget it!!!!

10. Precautions and protection, nowadays it is not just a boys responsibility for protection and so a girl should also take her own protection if needed, personally I take a can of Mace and a 10 inch kitchen knife and if that fails I sink my teeth into the neck!

ALWAYS rememebr to carry spare panties !!!

The Difference Between Boys and Boyfriends

Boyfriends are boys that are not friends. Handsome, charming, caring, strong, sweet, cute, hot, fit... Er...the difference is obvious.

If not then you are still too young for a boyfriend and should stick with your stuffed bats.

Meeting the boyfriend's parents for the first time is a problem, like what to wear and how to act. It's best to have some simple rules to follow.

1. Don't talk about boys you have bitten or have bitten you in the past.

2. Don't tell risky stories like the first time you came on heat and what you tried to do with the head of the council until guards pulled you off him

and forced you to give back his pants.

3. Don't offer to raise your dress to show them your family brand at the dinner table.

4. Don't comment on the food, ever. Even if it is still alive and you have to catch it before it runs off, if you have to say anything just point out

how you enjoy frisky fresh food.

5. Lastly, no matter how weird, strange, odd, peculiar and down right creepy his parents are or act, try very hard not to point this out to him.


A: Strangely he has somehow failed to notice.

B: Or, he has noticed and is praying hard that you haven't.

C: Remember what your own are like.

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